mon-fri: 5am - 4pm
 sat:        6am - 4pm
   sun:       6am - 3pm

1485 RT23S. (Mead Town Shoping Center) Kinnelon, NJ 07405
T: 973-283-1112 / F: 973-283-2121

Fresh Hand Rolled Bagels Baked Everyday


T: 973-283-1112 / F: 973-283-2121


  Kinnelon Bagels has been a staple of Kinnelon, 
  NJ for over a  decade. With a demand for fresh 
  quality and tasty bagels, our hand rolled recipe  has a      
  crispy skin with a soft inside. 

  Baked daily, our bagels are unique to Kinnelon Bagels   
  alone.  Along with our nameshake, we provide premium       breakfast and  deli sandwiches, wraps, paninis, various    baked goods for breakfast and lunch. 

 Come on in and have a bite of our delicious products!.


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